So very often, I get asked the golden question of what lens should I buy to shoot "everything". That question is not easily answered due to so many reasons. The main reason is because every photographer isn't photographing the same thing I am shooting on the daily basis so my needs are not the same as another photographer. I alway answer the question with another series of questions to make sure I give them the right recommendation.  I am primarily a commercial photographer so I don't use the super telephoto lenses like a 300mm f2.8L or a 24mm f3.5L tilt shift lens made popular from Architecture photographers. I mainly shoot people, products, and real estate so I use what I consider the holy trinity of lenses when it comes to focal lengths. DISCLAIMER-THIS IS MY VERY FIRST REVIEW..All my gear will be reviewed. My reviews will not be to technical due to being more qualified people in the world having a full depth reviews online. I will however give you my honest opinion on how I use the gear in real world situations. There is a term in the photography world when it comes to lenses being revered as  the "WORKHORSE". The workhorse that I use primarily is my Canon 24-70mm F2.8LII. 

There are so many reasons that I love this lens. It is such a multi purpose lens. I have used this lens to photograph landscapes to people. I love the the fact that this focal range covers many beloved focal lengths like 24mm, 35mm and 50mm. Many photographers from amateur to professional love this lens and swear by this lens. I have owned this lens for about 2 years and I will say that I did not experience the same feelings my fellow colleagues did until very recently. I always will admit this but I took this lens for granted. I always had it in my bag but for some odd reason I never used it. I felt like the 24mm side showed too much distortion and I felt like 70mm isn't long enough reach for me. Nowadays you can't keep this lens away from me. I love using this lens. This has replaced my ultra wide angle for landscapes. That reason will be revealed in future posts.I have to have a reason to give you guys and gals to come to read my posts.haha. Here are the pros and cons of my lens


  1. amazing image quality
  2. covers wide to medium telephoto
  3. amazing build quality
  4. great bokeh
  5. comes with lens hood-this will save your lens if you drop it honestly
  6. great snappy autofocus


  1. Expensive!!!
  3. distortion at the wider focal lengths
  4. vignetting at the corners-easily fixable in editing programs, EX.Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
  5. Heavy
  6. not weather sealed


OVERALL this lens is an amazing lens. No lens is perfect, however for what I do, this is an important piece of my equipment in my arsenal. Below are images that I have shot with the Canon 24-70mm f2.8LII to show the all the type of photography I have used this lens for. Hope everyone enjoys this and PLEASE SHARE, LEAVE COMMENTS ON FUTURE CONTENT YOU WANT ME TO REVIEW OR PIECES OF MY GEAR YOU WANT ME TO REVIEW



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