Coming from Vietnam, its the norm to assimilate and learn english. Due to vietnamese being a tonal language, learning english is quite the experience. Usually you grow in a vietnamese household to speak vietnamese at home and speak english outside the home. I am twenty four however, I started take learning to speak vietnamese seriously at age twenty. I work at a vietnamese restaurant and I felt silly being a certain age and not being able to communicate with any of my co workers. Speaking english in a vietnamese restaurant really means "broken english". Certain letters are either replaced with another letter or maybe even taken out all in general.haha

Tonight was a celebration of mix of 1.my boss had his child, 2. an old employee is coming back to work, 3. its a monday, why not. Normal night for everyone consists of alcohol, loud music, delicious food and ALWAYS.....a fight almost breaks out. All in all, a typical night for us. I did not edit any of these photos just due to me being sick.

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