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Mon come ovaaaaaa...

Usually when I get a call from my mother, 90% of time it usually starts with either "what you doin" or "mon come ovaaaaa". I know that either she needs to take out the dogs, or she is inviting me to the house because she cooked. Growing up with vietnamese food, It made me feel kinda meh about it due to me having it all the time. I have grown to love Italian and american southern comfort food the most. I would say for the past two years I really didn't enjoy vietnamese food. I honestly don't know why it happened, maybe it was due to just having it all the time. There has been one dish that has lasted the test of time. EVERY FUCKING TIME i eat this plethora of mouth watering goodness, it brings me back to hearing vietnamese music playing in the kitchen and my mother singing. I went to vietnam in 2011 and eat rice almost everyday. I HATED RICE ever since. I seldomly eat rice, I know thats so non asian.haha. The only time primarily I eat rice is only this dish or if I feel really vietnamese, rice soup with beef AKA chao bo. OK thats not the dish but its really good. The moment of truth ladies of gentlemen.. one of the top 3 most requested dishes from me to ma dukes is.....


Rice, fried fish and sauteed chinese vegetables!!!!! When I tell you, this is life in a plate, believe me.  


The real star of this dish in my opinion are the chinese vegetables called ramuen*spell check if necessary* which is sautéed in garlic, soy sauce and a bit of pepper. I love how crunchy the stalks are and I love it's almost lemony taste. Its one of the 10 vegetables I eat in the world. The veggies are served mainly in soups but it doesn't taste as well when its fried, but hey what food isn't better when fried?haha. The fish is fried to perfection. I love fish thats fried with a crispy flaky crust but the inside is so moist and juicy. I still believe my mom has vietnamese witch craft in the kitchen because there is no way fish can taste so delicate but yet fill you up. My mom is so good at cooking this specific dish that she switches the type of fish she cooks with every time and I can't tell the difference. I believe tonights fish was flounder. She cooks with jasmine rice not broken rice with fish because it just tastes better. The rice is honestly the glue for the sweetness of the fish meat and salty veggies. This dish is served best with my mom sitting next to me with a pot of tea for us to share and at LEAST a half hour slander session guided towards my father. Any words that come out my mom's mouth are gold. No matter how old I am, my mom swears to me that she'll cook every day for me with hopes of me sitting next to her and honestly thats what my definition of happiness is right now for me. My mother's food truly are bits of a puzzle that helps me understand my culture and helps me feel even prouder for where I come from. Compliments to the chef AKA MOMMA DUKES. 

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