thats not real rastllinnnn....

It was about 1998 when I started to heavily watch television in my house. I would channel surf and nothing really caught my eye until I saw these two degenerates. 

My love for sports entertainment mainly WWE started from seeing these two gentlemen. I loved watching the theatrics of being a badass being translated into the sport of wrestling. Being six years old, it was literally in my mind my life. I was engulfed with all the violence, crazy costumes, and personas that was the ATTITUDE ERA! 

The picture above ran my life and helped form a bit of my personality nowadays. Coming home after school was a strict schedule that consisted changing into my wrestler choice of the week t shirt, making a sandwich and sitting right in front of the tv indian style counting down the second until I see that WWF logo. My brother and I even made belts out of cardboard but I somehow lost every match. We terrorized each other by beating each other up whenever we had a second. My normal night of watching wrestling usually ended with drinking root beer whenever Steve Austin clanked two beer cans together so I felt cool. Throughout the years, they changed the rating system from Mature to PG so things became a bit stale. Watching from an early age I was exposed to seeing the highs and lows of the business. Learning how everything is staged in wrestling was a very hard pill to swallow. It was finding out your favorite athlete is taking drugs to become physically more dominant or finding out the tooth fairy is really the two people who made you.haha I even resented watching it for a while. I took bout a three to four year hiatus from watching it when I was bout twenty. What made me come back and made me fall in love with it all over again? 

The SHIELD made me fall back in love again with wrestling. These three individual shifted the whole scale of wrestling. They created fear in the locker rooms. They have made an amazing year or two of pure ass kicking to anyone who have faced them. They fucked the whole locker room up.haha. I have never seen this much raw talent and star power between three individuals. All of the members were stars in the making and they enjoyed kicking ass and taking names. I loved the fact that to me were the most dominant faction in wrestling to me. The match between Evolution vs The shield was literally one big flash back to my childhood. They did something that literally thought was impossible. They SURPRISED me and had the best six man tag match in recent years. Three amazing superstars from the older generations went toe to toe with the new hot young arrogant douche bags of the new generation to see whether they would be the future  or they would fold under pressure. OF course wrestling is fake, the genre is called SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT for gods sake!!lol The reason I will continually watch wrestling is because of the fact that I respect the hard work it takes to sell the show. These guys and girls spend a lot of time away from their families to make sure that they leave it all on the ring to make sure that they were the price of admission. Day in and day out they are working very hard in the ring and outside the ring. Ill have  a post coming soon on my favorite people to watch and favorite moves :}

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