Yesterday it was my brother's/cousin's birthday Patrick!! I met him bout five years ago and honestly I never knew that we would ever get close. At first, we didn't get along. What do you expect when you have a class clown and a shy timid guy with a short temper placed in one room? Over time, I have seen him grow so much and inspires me to want to be a better person on the daily. Me and him are very opposite, yet we seem to always get along and never argue. I don't understand sometime how he's able to deal with my shenanigans. We talk from anything from anime to women to sports. It seems like time is never our friend when I get to see him. He is someone I respect and love very much. He's one of my aces in life and I can honestly say he's one of the most genuine people you will ever encounter. His smile is infectious and his passion for anything he does in life is contagious. It's your KOBE year Kuya, keep flying high bro.

PS-ALKALINE IN NORFOLK is pretty cool. Make sure you get there early because seats fill up quick! GET GINGER BEER, ITS F*CKIN DELICIOUS

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